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Mission: To encourage young people with a contemporary challenge in their own living environment to get moving with a healthy and active lifestyle as their goal!



By creating a challenging, contemporary mobility option with the UDG within their own living environment, the young people will not only start exercising, but the social cohesion in the district will also be strengthened!


The first option is upscaling in the Netherlands. Then, on the one hand, for example by sharing knowledge and / or expanding the possibilities for Urban sports, exercise squares in the district (s). But also by further developing the possibilities for activation on the existing UDGs.

Expanding marketing, social media followers and front dancers are the second step! As clearly emerged from the young people, it is still unclear what the possibilities are with the UDG. So we will get to work making the offer available at the UDG, collaborating with (well-known) dancers and using social media for promotion. It is important that the possibilities for the range of activities are examined. PM-dance will take a leading role in this as a dance and movement provider.

And what does all this say concretely:

Our aim is within 100 years 100 LUDGs at 30 municipalities in the Netherlands where especially girls between 12 and 18 years old meet and share their passion dance. Independently or under supervision, everything is possible, nothing is necessary!

And then?


A Dance Battle throughout the Netherlands in 2022! How cool is that! ??

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