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UDG, is a dance floor in the public space, in the neighborhood, for everyone...



Next to the dance floor is a sound box (DJ Post), which gives sound without electricity.


How to do that? By twisting the disc on the DJ Post, energy is created with which the

sound from your Smartphone is amplified.


here you can dance outside with your friends!


Bring your own music on your smartphone, play it on the DJ Post and dance!


“Super tof dat er nu ook iets te doen is voor de meiden in de wijk”

Nora, 13 jaar



If you want to dance yourself, check Tik Tok or Insta for good examples and try them yourself. Of course great if you also share your dance moves!


Do you want guidance? Keep an eye on social media, for clinics PM dance gives here for you.


Petra Pluimers is dance, thinks dance and bursts with energy! With her company PM- dance and her love for the city of Utrecht she is the brains behind the Urban Dance Ground!

PM-dance is committed to the 'other-organised-sport'. She works with many sports providers and helps and guides (starting) sports providers. PM-dance has been working since 2002 to create a climate in which it is self-evident for everyone that sport is an essential part of society. Regardless of the type of sport. Regardless of the provider.


Pluimers "When I started the Master in Sport and Move Innovation and we students started working on a social issue, the first thing that came to mind was: 'What can I do to get young people in the age of 12 to 16 to exercise more? I also wondered why these young people do not or hardly use the public space for sports. Because traditionally, and especially since car use has increased so that a game of soccer or jumping rope on the street is almost no longer an option, young people go 'on location' to play sports and exercise as we know it at traditional sports clubs. But in recent years, young people want to be less 'stuck' and there is a clear shift to sports outside of sports clubs. This means that we have to look at sports differently, if possible moving more in the direction of movement in our own neighbourhood? But why do I never see girls outside sports? What do they actually want in their neighbourhood? And what do they think of the existing offer were questions I started working with".


With the development of the UDG (a freely accessible, interactive place in the neighbourhood where people can dance to their own music) PM-dance hopes to reach even more young people with this accessible sports offer. PM-dance is happy to share all knowledge and skills concerning the UDG. Not only to realize the UDG in the public space, but also to ensure a structural change in the district with an appropriate offer at the UDG (instruction, dance classes)!


PM-dance, a social sports provider that strives for a world in which it is possible for everyone to dance together and have fun!



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Urban Dance Ground is the meeting place when dance is your lust and your life. 

Here you show respect 

Do you learn to dance from your friends in the neighborhood or do you teach your friends what you have learned?

After 22.00 hours the sound goes out and we show respect for the local residents.

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